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Just your average Guy
Dec 5, 2017
What is your in-game name?: Clexic | Shooter

SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:186092651

What is your age?:
Sixteen years old.

What timezone are you located in? (HAST, AKST, PST, MST, CST, EST): Eastern Standard Time

How many warns do you have? If you have warnings, please list them. Include any that are currently active (type !warns in chat to view warnings):

I have currently none, since the reset. But I am known for breaking a few rules here and there(This is when others tend to break the rules that MASSRDM and no staff are on). I try to teach my self not to break the rules and actually use common sense.

Tell us about yourself! We want to get to know you; this is about you!:

Well I'm Sixteen, I live in Ontario Canada, I love playing games like, Binary Domain, Garry's mod, and other first person shooter games I'm mostly a PC gamer. My hobbies are Gaming, and eating. I love watching anime in my spar time while I eat, I also love chocolate As well as the classes I'm in. I'm interested in Psychology. But I would like to pursuit being a part-time account for my dream job. I'm currently in Grade 11 High-school. As well as planning to go-to college to learn about management in computers and how to deal with numbers for companies. I love dark humor and other dank things as the kids say, memes and moments in games get me to laugh a lot, I also moved a lot when I was younger. Like I moved from the United Kingdom to Canada, and I've been to seven different schools, one due to me wanting to move to another high school since I was poorly treated there. The anime I usually watch would just be a action romantic type, they are the best.

Why do you believe you are a good choice for our Staff-Team?:

I believe I'm a good choice for the NCBA staff team because I have prior experience with staffing, I am thorough and dedicated.

First of all, I have prior experience with staffing. I had the position of Senior-moderator for NCBA in 2018. I was taught how to handle sits properly as well how to deal with difficult situations. For example, I was trained and familiarized about advanced rules and guidelines. It allows me to quickly identify who is breaking the rules as well as what rules are being broken; I am speed. I have witnessed successful staff take sits providing me with information on how to deal with them. Watching other staff take sits gives me the knowledge on how to handle cases calmly as well as knowledge how the interaction with other players work.

For another example, I am a very thorough thinker. I like to study through situations to know the best outcome. For example, Personally going over cases grants me to prove I can become familiar with many complications with players. I'm able to to break down cases that can be recognizable to each-other to identify what to do. More of, I'm willing to learn any way that is needed for me to be able to deal with things. I will take on any obstacle that is challenging along with proving myself worth to the NCBA team using communication between myself and other staff.

Finishing off with, as a person who has been here for almost three years is a long time. I have seen NCBA gone through thick and thin so much. For someone with that amount of time can surly adapt to being staff along with dealing cases. NCBA has gone through so much, being staff will allow me to only push that further and help players who are needed for that help including punish players who are breaking those rules. I also had a lot of fun staffing before and handling cases for people. I have tons of respect for NCBA that's why I've stayed for so long even after going through so much and having my own freak outs, I'm truly sorry for that; that was me being immature along with completely being selfish. I know most of the OG's and other players who have been here for a long time also I feel like for me I'm being able to improve with my past by doing this and participating again within staff once more.

-Information About Being Staff-

What's a reasonable amount of time you can be on our server daily or bi-daily?:

I can be on the server daily on weekends, since I do have school on weekdays, I'll only be able to play on after 3 PM depending if anything comes up. But you will be notified by me if I will not be available on that day. I'm willing to spend an average of 3+ more hours each and everyday staffing.

If you join our staff team, what goals would you set for your self as a staff member?:

My goals are to, improve my own
abilities, use the environment of being staff to lend help as well as to share my skill set and hopefully get to the point I can help other staff; as in new staff members.

Being able to improve my own abilities helps not only me but you too. I can get in the certain mindset again of being staff and growing the ability of understanding social skills as well as understanding of the players who do get on. Becoming more well adjusted will allow you to have a strong committed member on the staff team.

I want to use the environment of being staff as in, the sharing capability sharing ideas and expressions one another being able to freely listen and have my ideas or opinions taking in. I want to increase that factor because, being a strong team member allows me to learn and be able to only help you out more within the staff a long with players, I feel like I can always improve myself to be better with communication skills, working together, and how to handle proper cases. This will allow me to have the actual experience of working in a group before I having an actual job where I would need these skills.

Myself being able to teach new staff will benefit NCBA because, Learning the ways from higher authority or people who are fully aware of the guidelines will be able to teach me to train new staff allowing NCBA to be fully functional and give me another skill set on how to identify on who is right to pick for certain problems.

How well are you able to communicate and work with other staff members, management, and players?:

I'm able to easily communicate with other staff freely since I like to give my opinion and ideas as well as listening to others give there own view on things since it's better to have two or more people look over a situation to help each-other out. It's more easier for me to be able to be in a group since I'm able to listen people who need to guide me in the right direction on staffing and working together.

Working with other staff members can allow me to easily fit in along with being very understanding and matured I can understand whenever people are making mistakes or when I'm making mistakes. I'll show respect to anyone since that is expected a long with many other responsibilities like, take care of the server, handling sits, making sure everyone is in good shape and give always a positive vibe.

If you have a co-worker or a player you don't like, what approach would you take to resolve and handle the situation?:

If I had a problem with someone I would want to address to a higher authority to look into it. If it was for a different reason I would be able to handle it myself. For example, If it would be a player I would kindly ask them to stop or ask another staff to take the shit for me since I wouldn't want any bias towards them, even though I can respectfully take a sit if they were getting there RP disturbed by another player. For staff I would get in a call or ask them to kindly talk with me. Like, If they treated a player or how I treated was wrongfully I would want them to be understanding on what there saying as well as going for myself, letting them know if we could really just hang out more and talk to get to know each other.

How would you deal with a staff member violating our guidelines?:

I would personally ask them to stop breaking the guidelines, that of cause if they didn't know what they were doing what was wrong and correct them. If they deliberately break the guidelines I would take it to someone who has higher authority of the correct member and ask them to have a chat with them and see what's really going on, since I don't want to be the one to say stuff since I have no idea what might be happening to them personally.

- Other Information -

Info: This will not affect our overall decision to accept or decline your application. This is just for gathering data so we can improve our community. This is an optional section.

What are some negative things you have seen on the server that you think should be changed? (Optional):

A lot of rule breakers, also add more fun content for people who don't really need guns like, more accessories, more jobs(for role-play like, Detective, and IRS), more content in the !unbox command add in m92 weapons since no one really wants knives.

What are some negative things you have seen about the staff team that you think should be changed? (Optional):

The fact you can take your own sit, I need to check if that has been changed but, It's so bad I know you can easily trust staff who are in there good moments but when a player who rdms them. Get's warned instantly since they saw it. If they weren't rdmed they usually just let the person go who was rdming with a verbal warning.

How has your overall experience on the server been? (Optional):

Overall my experience has been amazing, I have had my moments but I believe I have changed over years and matured. It's really fun on the server always hoping on, but personally when there wasn't any players It's no fun. But like I said, NCBA just needs a more modern boost adding in content, keeping the hover boards was a good idea.


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Dec 1, 2018
San Diego
I like this guy he just kinda vibes in the server and does good things sometimes but also does bad things, so just don’t do bad things and continue vibing

|-NCBA-| Shooter

Just your average Guy
Dec 5, 2017
If you find a grammar mistake please contact me on Discord:


Just copy and paste it in friends, if it doesn't work please leave a replay in the comment section to notify me, I'll fix it when I get addressed with the problem.
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Dec 31, 2017
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  • Good Application
  • Very detailed and thought out
  • Good Answers
  • Good person

  • The odd grammatical mistake
  • Prior history of being mingey

  • I like what I see here; you have put a good amount of effort into this application, bring up valid and reasonable points and overall seem very genuine about wanting to help the community out. I have personally seen an improvement in your attitude in the last 2 years and I am totally not against you becoming a staff although I hope you serve NCBA well! Good Luck Shooter!


DarkRP - Moderator
Apr 7, 2019
I can tell you put a lot of effort into this application and if you are dedicated enough to this server i believe you should be staff.

I do think you need to work on your behavior and not be too mingey.


Cement Head
Apr 6, 2019
Aside from a few punctuation errors, the application looks amazing, one of the best and most detailed I have seen in a LONG time, I can tell you truly put lots of thought and effort into this. As a person, I really enjoy your company and your fun to joke around with and mess with. But, I would like to see some behavior improvements, sometimes you can come off as toxic to other players, or you can lose your temper really fast, both of which are not the attitude required for staff members.
Best of luck Brad, I personally would like to see you as a staff member and see how you perform.

|-NCBA-| Shooter

Just your average Guy
Dec 5, 2017
Thank you all for the respect and honest opinions,

I see a lot of "needs improvement behavior as well as come off as toxic", I would like to change so I don't come off as a toxic player. I would want to prove myself by becoming staff and prove I have changed, I usually only come off like that since It's the way I play as a player. Being staff will be taken more serious and being a player for others to see, I don't want players to see a staff player go around and act really stupid when they are off duty.

Ps: If you see any grammar mistakes please notify me.


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Aug 5, 2018
Overall good guy and for the year I have known you it has been an honor playing with you. I know how much you are on and I think you will be a great addition to the staff team.


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Dec 3, 2017

Welcome to the Nuclear BadAsses DarkRP Staff Team!