Rust Guideline Suggestions.

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Dec 31, 2017
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While I do think that there are many good guidelines that have been introduced to the Rust server, I also am very strongly supportive of changing and removing a small amount of these "General Guidelines".

For example, I believe that Racism and Toxicity should NOT be tolerated in the chat, as it is just annoying in general; The server does not want to hear someone bitch, complain and be a racist dick overall. Although, I think that this "Behaviour" is what shaped and gives rust that immersive feeling in the game chats [VOIP]. I think that anyone should be able to express themselves in Voice chat as it does not directly affect the server negatively and further reproduces the integrity of the infamous "Rust Experience". (Keep in mind I believe that DDOS threats and any form of IP manipulation etc, should not be permitted.)

Furthermore, I think that building around monuments is an essential part of the core gameplay of Rust. For example, claiming monuments, a huge cost, and feat of effort in itself, is not only something to accomplish and fight for against other players, but it also allows a challenge for both defensive and offensive positions; having a massive compound raid would be an epic experience. Further extending onto this, it is also not very practical to do so, as it doesn't fully create any game-breaking effects or conditions; if you want in the monument so badly, spend a couple of c4 to break through a wall(s), this also goes for the opposition; If you want a monument so badly, spend the crazy amount of resources and upkeep. Overall I think this rule is not really needed.

To conclude, I believe that these changes would further maintain and improve the Rust experience while having the gameplay fluid enough to maintain a variety of immersive experiences within Rust.

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Feb 11, 2019
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nice essay 10/10 ign would read again

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Dec 3, 2017