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Dec 31, 2017
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  • Ingame/RP Name: Psykosis

  • SteamID EX: STEAM_ ( STEAM_0:1:224587285

  • Which staff member banned you?: Swift Potato

  • What was the given reason for and duration of your ban?: 3 days

  • Is there any information you'd like us to know about the situation leading to your ban?:

    There was a group of friends and me who started an RDM battle which is something seldom new to our long line of community activity in the Gmod server. Bandit, DJ Extractor, C4Claymore/Fluffly and I were running around the map constantly killing each other for fun as we usually do this late at night when we are all on. We do it for fun and do our best to keep it out of others' RP experience if it's unwanted. That being said it was no different than usual; Our group killing each other and hanging out in the NB.GG Discord group with Jyst3r, Fluffy, Dima, One Lonely dog, DJ extractor and I, having laughs and shooting the shit.

    This is all standard routine for us as I am a long-time member and active community member of NCBA and I have spent countless hours playing and staffing for the community. I like to have fun and I am a jokester but always stay serious and mature in serious matters. This is important to note because since the setting of the channel was a humorous and overall setting where everyone was participating in these jokes and battles, I kill Swift Potato a few times as I saw him flying around in our area of RDM with the knowledge that we were all killing each other. He seemed fine with it and shrugged it off for the most part or at least from what everyone could tell.

    After a while of battle, Swift asked me and Bandit to stop killing him to which we both killed him the last time and then ceased to do it since then. Swift potato let it go very promptly and the situation was not brought up through conversation or text again. It was a situation that was dealt with, handled, and appropriated. We were all still laughing and doing the same thing and it was never known to any of us that swift was angry about it at all. And if something was seriously off, he could have genuinely had talked with me after the incident to tell me about it in a serious manner.

    A short time after, I request I submit a case over someone Rdming me because he mistook the wrong person for Pickpocketing him [Bandit]. I immediately call a sit because the kill was unjust, out of RP and caused me to lose a fair bit of items I had bought prior. When I request the ticket, Swift Potato responds in the Discord call saying how "If he accepts the situation, he is gonna revive the already dealt with the case of him being killed by me. As I thought this was just a joke, I thought nothing of it and personally didn't think he meant it; The way he was talking and implying it was in a jokeful manner (Laughing, and chuckles, etc.)

    When I was brought to the sit, Swift Potato did a poor job at handling the situation in my opinion and was more eager to soon punish me over the situation he had "revived". I thought it was all jokes still because the whole Group chat, as it always does, say things they don't mean. In doing so, I try to escape the sit like I usually do in these joke situations. (Disclaimer: Jyst3r can most likely vouch for me that when I know the situation is serious I am honest and I accept any punishments that are presented in a serious case.)

    When he brought me back, he said he was going to ban me for mass RDM. Since I feel that it was unjust, I contested it and said I would end up writing a ban appeal and that he shouldn't let his Saltyness of having to take my own sit make his lapse in judgment and ethics to go out of his way and reintroduce an already Shrugged off case.

    Again since it was all jokes I thought nothing of it, the regular sit escape and every other fancy thing and eventually Swift had had enough of it I suppose and went through with banning me. Thinking it was a joke I played along with it, and he has not once displayed an ounce of Serious intent in the situation; I told the chat it was happening and they all didn't think it was going to happen. Behold not even 1 minute later I am banned and quite upset.

  • Why should we allow you to play on our server again?:

    Why should I be allowed? Well-- For many reasons within this whole menagerie of bad logic and ethics. For starters, I should be Unbanned and allowed to play the server because it was clearly a misunderstanding between both of us, a bad judgment call from Swift himself, and a poor way of handling sits.

    To begin with, as stated above, it was a misunderstanding. With many factors in the play of how this whole issue came to a misunderstanding starts with the setting of the discord channel and the level of integrity that was displayed by Swift. He was clearly laughing, having a good time and displayed no level of upset mannerisms and definitely did not voice out any issues he may have had in the public chat or in DM's as well as not bringing me in a Private channel to talk about anything seriously. Since his way of communicating was not in a proper serious setting it is quite a normal issue to not be able to understand that any actions being made are having a negative effect if it is not addressed. Had Swift communicated with me and at least shown me a level of seriousness, I would have been able to clue and cease my actions immediately. Also, I think it is important to note how he let the issue go, which means he clearly did not care too much about the times I and other players had killed them. Needless to point out that the situation would have been deemed over by anyone.

    In addition, I believe Swift made a very poor judgment call. Now I am aware that everyone makes mistakes, but I also think that Swift knew very well the decision he was making and how it could have very negative effects on both of us. Swift did not communicate the issue and address any issue for that matter in a serious manner, reinforced with the misunderstanding. Swift also threatened to bring up this finished situation over a sit I called, effectively having a biased against me because he had to deal with an RDM sit I claimed after having supposedly Rdming him. To which I was Dmed by another community member that Swift said word for word: "if you wanna play hardball with RDM we can play hardball" and that "He [Swift Potato] said after he asked you to stop 3 times you decided you kill him but he let it go." That being said he wanted to ban me because he thought it was wrong of me to call a sit for RDM from another player.

    Furthermore, I should be unbanned because of wrongful Ethics as a staff member. To cut to the chase, I was threatened punishment for requesting a sit because a new and unfamiliar player to me had killed me for pickpocketing him, although I did infact not pickpocket him; Bandit was the one pickpocketing him. Since I wanted to make sure down the end of the road that the player was informed of his mistake from a staff member, I called a sit for RDM as I should. Swift potato was the only one on and was clearly upset he had to take my case because he may have been upset with me. He whizzed past the sit without giving me much of a thought and did not even let him know of the situation. Swift said "The pickpocket logs are broken and there's not much I can do about it." even when the player admitted to realizing his mistake after seeing Bandit. Swift did not take any action and immediately sent him back to proceed with punishing me to cure his upsetness I suppose. He went out of his way to punish me over a situation that was handled and that is a very horrid and unprofessional way of handling any sit and I have personally not seen any behavior like that for the 2 years I have been a community member, not to mention the year I have been a staff member myself.

    To conclude I think with all the points and factors addressed I should be unbanned from the server because of the clear Misunderstandings, lapse of judgment and poor sit handling that has been taken and displayed from swift potato.

  • Additional Information(Picture/Video evidence):

    If you ask Swift he should have the decency to admit to his statement.

    PS: I know this will get brought up and yes. I did call him a bitch and yes I am upset at this heavy amount of indecency.

    Edit: This is my relatively short version/explanation of this whole issue. If more information is needed, I can be sure to add it into the thread.


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Dec 3, 2017
Thank you for making an appeal!

I'll investigate and take the necessary steps to resolve your appeal. This staff member will be talked to.

Keep an eye out for Discord/Forums messages from me regarding your appeal.​


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this is long appeal but this is good person this is +1