Farewell Please don't cry.


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Dec 1, 2018
San Diego
I have been thinking this over for the most part of a month. As the title implies, I have made my decision.

I, JJD (Coolest guy ever), will be resigning from the Nuclear Badasses Staff Team.

I am almost at tears writing this, almost (JJD never cries), considering what a strong relationship I have not only with the NCBA server but the people within it as well. I genuinely am.
The server hasn't been doing the greatest. We all know that. And while I truly believe it will resurge at one point in time, I will not be staff to see it do so.

I do not have the mental fortitude or will at this point in time to continue pushing myself. If I didn't resign, it would most likely turn into another In-Active spree as did a couple of weeks ago.

I have poured countless hours into the server, into the discord, into just talking with the community and friends. And I enjoyed every single part of it. I may seem like a dull person, a boring person, or even a slightly toxic person at times. And I do not blame you for thinking so. However, with the no homo tag applied, I love every single one of you badasses.

I don't even know what else to write. My heart is broken, and my mind scattered.
I figured that I would write out some of my favorite memories, people, and just shittery that went on during my time as staff.

Day 1: I was accepted into the NCBA staff team. Trained by the one and only Victimhood, JYST3R, or whatever else you may want to call him. Victim was one of my closest and still is, friends during my entire stay at NCBA. He trained me up to be the badass staff member you all knew, and taught me a thing or two moral wise.

First time being banned by MEE6: My oh my, the Fuhrer. What a dumbass this bot was. I still hold a whopping 11 warnings to date. I was in a staff meeting, and uh, accidently said a curse word (when that was still warnable). I got banned. During a meeting. Yeah, it really happened. Screw MEE6 (The Fuhrer).

First Fuck-Up: I was still a wee tmod at this time. I was on the server with two other staff. Turns out, I was the only staff on after the others had left. Guess what I did next? Notify staff to hop on? No. Let other staff know I'm getting off? No.
You know what I did? I left the server. With no other staff. A server full of people, with no staff. Yeah...

I can't really remember any other events, so I want to personally thank some people who have inspired me, and trained me, to be who I am today.

Larry. We had some fights, and some laughs. I think our first ever fight was over a warning in #sfwchat. It wasn't anything big, but it was funny none the less. I believe you have made something very special here. A server that isn't pay to win. Rather, a server people love to play on because of the community itself. I enjoy our talks, and doing small dev work for you time to time. With that being said, add my baby shark gun > : ) --- I'm really going to miss you Larry. I will stay on the discord and make sure to stay talk with you, and everyone else, whenever I have time.

I would also appreciate if I could have the "beaner" role or whatever it is called. This is simply a request, in which you don't have to grant. But I would love to be able and see what you staff are doing from time to time. Great memories I had here. Thank you.

You have always been a mentor. Not only for me, but for the entire staff team. You see people come, and you see people go. Unfortunately, I am now one of the people you have to see let go. Cmon man, you have seriously been one of the best mentors I have ever known. I had a question, you had an answer. We would sit in VC's late at night, talking about nude dogs... I MEAN... Staff Related stuff. yeah...
Anyways, I'll stay in touch. You've been a real one.

You were the one of the first people I ever talked to on the discord/server. Right next to Lonely and JYSTER. I seriously dont know what I would do without you man. We would have serious talks, we would have shits and giggles talks. It is a weird relationship for sure. Even playing VR minecraft every once and a while. Yeah, that happened. AND I CLIMBED THE LOCKNESS MONSTER (Minecraft inside joke). Back when you left, I thought it was over. But you still gave us guidance, and help, from the outside. Even without being our Assistant Staff Manager, you provided us with more help than we could ask for.
Thank you.

Chef Homo:
YOOOOOO, whats up retard. I picked this color because it looks like weed. Almost...
Through all of the name calling, and all of the bull shittery, you have been a real homie all the way through. From serious discussions to Cod WAW (Which we still havent played yet), I could always count on you. I hope you are able to stay as Assistant Manager until you feel the time has come. In the meantime, hit me up sometime. I wanna play some zombies goddamnit.


My pp hurt.

Hey, I've returned to staff. On the last day of my buy period...


Seriously yall, I'm going to miss the community a lot. This is not to say I will not return! Seeing as my rank of administrator is permanent, If I do return, I'll get to harass all yall tmods once again.

From yours truly,
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Archangel Uriel

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Jun 29, 2018
I promise I won’t cry...
I’ll genuinely miss you buddy, you were here from the start of my time as Management and not many have stayed since then. You’ll be one of the people from NCBA community that I can hold a lot of fond memories from ❤❤ Swing on by the discord sometime so we can recreate that lochness one more time
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