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Dec 3, 2017
United States
General Behaviour

The NCBA Discord server has a set of rules that help maintain a friendly and high-quality experience. These set of rules are enforced by the staff of NCBA and any infringement or infraction of these rules can subject you with punishment that could result in a kick or ban from the server:

(a1) Remain respectful in the community.

(a1.2) Do not harass members (There is a fine line between joking and harassing someone)
(a1.3) Refrain from any behaviors that can be seen as toxic, malicious or otherwise unwanted
(a1.4) Use common sense
(a1.5) Do not use any users photos, images or being without their written consent. (Not everyone wants their photo being used by others)

(a2) Do NOT spam in any form that includes but is not limited to:

(a2.1) Mass mention (spamming the @person feature)
(a2.2) Chat spam (Spamming text in #chats or private messages)
(a2.3) Ear Rape (Using the microphone in obnoxious mannerisms including soundboards)
(a2.4) Soundboards (Using soundboards to modify your voice or play audio clips in public channel )
Note: You may use soundboards if the channel members agree to use them.

(a3) Keep your nicknames readable and unique (Don’t impersonate other members/staff)

(a3.1) Don't use ridiculous and unnecessary nicknames: (Ex. D9!$^$#@)

(a4) No NSFW content of any kind that includes and is not limited to:

(a4.1) Pornographic Content
(a4.2) Mutilation, gore or otherwise distressing images/video
(a4.3) Depictions of Minors in a sexual context (Includes Lolita, Hentai) or otherwise pornographic content that is suggestive

(a5) No Posting Malicious Content:

(a5.1) Links that contain viruses, malware, RATS, etc.
(a5.2) Files and attachments that can harm other members (.bat , .exe , .dll, file forms)
(a5.3) Other users private data (passwords, addresses, and private photos)

(a6) Illegal/malicious actions

(a6.1) Doxxing (Obtaining users data: Addresses, Social Media, City, etc.)
(a6.2) DDossing (Distributed Denial of Service to any NCBA servers)
(a6.3) Any actions that are an infraction of United States Law
Note: Any threats relating to committing the above are taken very seriously and can result in a Report of your profile and banning from the NCBA Discord.

Other Information

(b1) Keep all suggestions within #🗊-suggestions-bugs

(b1.1) Be serious, clear and descriptive (Give as much information as possible)
(b1.2) Do not send the same post twice (It has already been seen)

Ps: Psykosis did JYST3R’s Homework
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