Farewell My Official Farewell to NCBA

Slav Master

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Dec 31, 2017
Canada, Ontario
Hello fellow members and staff of NCBA,

I believe that it is time that I say my final goodbye as a staff member to NCBA. I am coming to that age where I want to do something with my life to better my family and my future. I am starting to finally do good in school and college and I am one of the first people in my family within a century to go to college and achieve a grade 12 diploma from high school. The reason I say this is that I want to succeed in my family and become someone bigger and better as I have always dreamed.

Ever since 2017 in December when I first joined the community, I was a troubled and young mind who was going through a lot of emotional stress; I used NCBA to forget a lot of trauma that I have endured. In doing so NCBA has been a home to me with so many friends and what seems to be family I never had. NCBA is and always be a special place and community in my heart and in my mind and I hope the best for NCBA and all of its members in the upcoming future.

I really do wish I could stick around and help the community and staff to the best I can, although if I am being completely honest with myself-- I simply cannot keep up to the standards, quality, expectations, and responsibilities as my former Super Admin self or as a Moderator for that fact and to that realization I do not want to let the community down and I also want to make room for those people who can do better for the community than I can do at this time.

In my final moments, I want to make some final goodbyes to some of the people who have impacted me very heavily in my life.

Larry, I want to thank you for all the opportunities you have given me as well as all the things I have learned to be a better person as a whole. Despite all the bad moments we have had and all the issues we may have had in the past, I respect you for whom you are; A dedicated, intelligent, open-minded, respectful, wise man. You have done a lot to aid me in my low times as well as reminding me not to become so consumed by my high times. You have taught me that victory is to be enjoyed and not flaunted to others who have not succeeded yet and you have also taught me that I define myself, the world does not.

OneLonelyDog, Ever since I joined NCBA, I felt as if we had a bond that was to never be broken. I remember all the late night talks we have had to understand one another and help each other in our troubled times and to better reminisce about how we can enjoy the world for what it is. You have given me so much learning experiences and opportunities and I want to thank you for being a wonderful person who doesn't judge people based on anything but their character. You have taught me to be myself and to work to improve, not to sit and stare at my mistakes. You have always been a great mentor, friend, and staff member that I would always work and talk with-- time and time again. You have influenced me and helped me become a better staff member and a more tolerable human being. Thank you for all that you are and all you have done for me.

NCBA community, thank you for being as great as you are. You guys have given me so much to enjoy and so many challenges that I loved taking. You have been a home to me for as long as I can ever know, and I myself know in my mind that the whole community has shaped me in many ways. I have become a better staff member and you have given me so much inspiration, passion, and knowledge. I will always remember you guys and I wish the best for you all.

To conclude this farewell, I want everyone reading this to know that I really appreciated the time I have had here and that I have no regrets in being a part of this big, wonderful, professional, and insightful community. I have enjoyed being a staff to you and being a mentor to what may be your future management staff or at least high ranking staff. I did my best and I hope that was good enough for you guys and I also hope that my name here in NCBA will forever be a good memory and thought. I will be around on the Discord and maybe the server sometimes but I just cannot do what I once was able to do. This community may not be real life, but I will definitely use what I learned here to fulfill my dreams and my future ones to come. I will never forget you guys.
Thank you all for reading this and I wish you the best.


Slav Master

|-NCBA-| Larry

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Dec 3, 2017
See you around Slav, I appreciate the kind words.
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Aug 7, 2018
Tbh, even tho I did not like you that much when I first met you, I looked up to you. Have fun wherever life takes you.
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Uncle Papa
Dec 30, 2017
So long man. Had a lot of good memories with you. You’ve told me some crazy and interesting stories that I still think about to this day. Anyways, hope life treats you well, and I hope we talk again soon.
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