Community Guide How to find gamer girls


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Feb 1, 2019
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As a loving person of those around me, I shall tell you the best way to get and respect girls
Play a game that cycles lobbies until you find yourself a herd of gamer girls, as this is their natural movement pattern when such a group is found you must be chill and see if you can find the chill one that is pushing the nervous ones. Break as many 4th walls as you can, once you have vibed with them enough you start to pop off in whatever game you are in, top fragging. Once the sweat level is at moderate levels, you accept that this guide will never help you with anything now that you have become the douche that nobody wants to talk to, that or you are chill and you get invited to their community, either way, you won't be getting anything from that breed.

As always, I will give an example of such uses... I did it once to see if it would work, now I am trailed whenever I play CS, fun times
Catch me next time as I show people how to drink water with no hands


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Dec 1, 2018
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This is true I approve