Community Guide Guide to setting up ULX commands for new and existing staff


May 14, 2018
Phoenix, Az
I decided to hop on this evening to rp for a little while and I got a chance to meet some of the new mods. After talking to King Henry VIII, it is apparent that some of the trainers aren't configuring their trainee's binds, this is a shame because it just hurts the trainee and leaves them having to type all their commands out. I helped out Henry and gave him useful binds, now I decided to make a guide to help everyone else. These binds were very important to me and I can't really imagine staffing without them. Staff don't have the ability to stop someone very quickly without these commands which I feel is essential.

ULX Binds tutorial for Staff and training:

All of the following binds must be put into console to be activated, if you decide you no longer want a bind or realize you binded to a conflicting key then do the following command in console: unbind [key] (without the brackets). Feel free to change any keys that don't conflict with your game control binds.

The symbol "@" just means the target you are directly looking at with your crosshair. If it does not say @, it is referring to you.

Useful Binds and what they do:
-god: Bind g "ulx god"
-noclip: Bind v "ulx noclip"
-return @: Bind b "ulx return @"
-jail @: Bind , "ulx jail @"
-unjail @: Bind . "ulx unjail @"
-freeze @: Bind ; "ulx freeze @"
-unfreeze @: Bind ' "ulx unfreeze @"
-quick logs: Bind l "say !logs" (That's an L by the way)

-cloak: Bind [ "ulx cloak"
-uncloak: Bind ] "ulx uncloak"

I know there are many more binds but I cannot think of all of them right now, If anyone wants to leave suggestions I will gladly add them in. Hopefully this can be helpful to new and unfamiliar staff. Soon I will make a diagram of the keys for visual learners.
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