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Dec 1, 2018
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Is English not your first language?

Did you despise English in school?

Do you just suck at spelling?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be interested in looking into a little tool called:

JJD, what is, and why should I even care? is a FREE plugin for your browser to assist in spelling and grammar when writing pretty much anything on a browser. Particularly, Staff applications. is supported on any mainstream browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), and takes less than 5 minutes to set up!
Upon downloading, this is what it will look like:
1019 in action
Upon installing, you will notice a small green circle at the bottom of your text box. This circle will change colors and/or appearance depending on how many mistakes are present in your writing. Clicking this circle will give you a detailed explanation of what is incorrect, or can be improved. Symbols

Green Circle

A green circle with no numbers of symbols on it means that your text is almost/or completely mistake free. Good job! ( is NOT perfect. If it is complex or in a different language, for instance, may miss it! Always reread what you write, your brain is better than a program!) After think that your writing is error-free, a green circle will appear as so:

Yellow Circle

Your writing contains no spelling mistakes but could be improved grammatically wise. You may have a word repeated twice, or used the wrong word for a specific sentence. (Paying for plus will provide you with increased grammatical checking options)

Red Circle
Unfortunately, your writing contains one or more spelling and/or grammar mistakes. Don’t worry! Clicking on the red circle will tell you what the program found.
Upon finding an error, will alert you as so:

1020 "Advanced View" will automatically highlight anything it deems to be incorrect. You can simply click the word, and it will suggest a change. If you want to look at all the suggestion has at once, you can click the circle in the bottom right of the text box to bring up an advanced view. It will look like this:

All errors found will look like the one above.

1) has been proven to not work at times on the Forums. I always recommend posting your writing into an online spell checker as well as using

2) DO NOT BET ON GRAMMAR.LY FOR IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS! is there to assist you. Your intellect should still be the main spell checker for anything you write.

I hope some of you can benefit from this guide. It’s not much, but I know for sure I’ve seen people who can benefit from something such as Especially those wanting to apply for staff.
See you all later.

(See anything that could be added? Put it in the comments!)
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