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Dec 31, 2017
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This is sort of an extent to @VICTIMH00D 's rant on how some applicants blatantly fail to conform to templates and providing sufficient detail to their applications. I believe that we can tell you what needs to be done, but I believe I can also show you what needs to be done. I am going to give a list of applications that were accepted that meet, if not exceed to suffice to the requirements.

1. Riz Bonz's Staff Application:
2. OneLonelyDog's Ex-Staff Application:
3. Slav Master's Staff Application:

I want to make it very clear that these applications are not here so you can plagiarise them for your benefit, I am putting them here to you guys have a reference to look at if you are confused or stuck in an area of the application you may not understand. I want to ensure that if you are applying, you will be successful; Some people are not good with words or applications, but perhaps with this, it will assist you in your chances of being accepted, and at least give you a chance to test your skills in the actual field of staffing itself. To the other applicants who were accepted and do not see your application on the list, do not take it personally, I just want to ensure the highest level of detail can be referred to. Please take this into consideration future applicants, you have all the time in the world to create an application, and there are many programs/features that help with spelling; I personally use Grammarly, as well as some other staff members. Good luck on your applications!

PS: On another note, I want to refer you to @HalfDayGames 's Wonderful post on this subject as well. Great work! You can find it on the forums, or from this link here:
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Dec 13, 2017
I look forward to working with you more in-depth when I regain my livelihood and stable internet!
For now, I am
bound to the forums due to the lack of a stable internet connection, and life...
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