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  • Hello, Guest. At this time, we aren't accepting further staff applications. Current applications will be put on hold until we open applications again.
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Dec 3, 2017
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- Requirements -
(If you're interested, extra information can be found below the template)

You must have a working and clear microphone.

Average knowledge of our rules & guidelines.

2+ hours to spare every or every other day.

Ability to remain calm under stressful situations.

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- General Questions -

(In-game Name):




(Tell us about yourself):


- Agreements -

(You agree to dedicate your time and efforts to the staff & community):

(You agree to adhere to our rules & guidelines at all times):

What you should expect:

After making an application, expect to be heavily criticized and to be put on the spot. Our staff & community expect a lot out of a candidate for staff.

Our application process can take up to 7 days before a decision is made. We recommend actively checking your application for any updates.

After a decision is made, you'll receive instructions on what to do next.​
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