📜 Application 📜 Stanley 15-inch fatmax handsaw

Dec 18, 2018
In-game Name: Goblin

Discord Username: HeyItsBaruu#0712

SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:125081815

Age: 16

Timezone: US Central

Tell us about yourself: I'm just a retarded kid from oklahoma who plays gmod and smokes funny drug hahaha epic 420 gamer

Why did you decide to apply for staff?: I've been playing this server for 3 years if I remember correctly and I really like this server and want to help out by being staff as I know larry can't be constantly on to dish out warns so I want to help especially rn with the server literally just being re released

Why do you continue to play on NCBA.gg?: just cause its fun hopping on and dicking around with the community

Misc Questions(Optional)
What are a few things we can improve on?: I cant think of anything as of now

Have you had any issues with the staff team, and if so, what?: No I haven't

How did you discover our community?: browsing the garrys mod server page for dark rp servers to minge on and found this gem of a server

How has your overall experience on the server been?:


tommy 2
Mar 13, 2020
Your application lacks many details, and shows that you aren't taking the application seriously. Put in some more effort, more detail and remove phrases such as "retarded kid," "funny drug," etc. It does seem like your application was made as a joke, but I've decided to leave my rating regardless. Good luck!