📜 Application 📜 LilRustyXD's Staff-Application


Jul 26, 2018
General Questions

In-game Name:

Discord Username:




Tell us about yourself:
My name is Riley I like to go hunting out in my grandpa's property fishing and camping. I shot my first buck after two years of hunting it was a rush and I'm even surprised I got one this early my grandpa was hunting for 30 years and never killed a dear so I feel really lucky I got one so early. I love taking my dog on walks and just being outside but ever since I got my computer I have been glued to it. I played a lot of rp back in the days and I want to get back into it I would play arma 3 rp with altis life and gta 5 rp. I didn't really care for gta 5 rp and arma 3 was just to much pvp based for the rp I was playing so when I got gmod I fell in love with the dark rp and starwars rp it was just really fun to play.

Why did you decide to apply for staff?:
I see not a lot of staff on when the times I am on and I'd figure it would be fun to do and experience. I really want to be involved with the community and work to make this a fun and unique experience just the way I did when I first join this server. I put a lot of hours into this server and I would like to see new people put as much hours as I did and enjoy every minute.

Why do you continue to play on NCBA.gg?:
It caught my eye back in 2018. It was a very unique with doing events instead of advert the spawn was different as well and it was just different than other servers. I really love the color combo. My favorite combo is pink and teal and the discord is fun hoping into calls and just talking. Its a very causal thing to hop into especially when Larry is wearing the thunder buddies onesie.

Misc Questions

What are a few things we can improve on?:
There were a lot of roles that were on the old server that wernt on this server anymore I really enjoyed cooking meth and retro mining.

How did you discover our community?:

I was just scrolling on darkrp servers and clicked on this one it was unique so I sticked with it.

How has your overall experience on the server been?:

It has been pretty fun the start up was kinda shaky because someone was crashing the server but after that I have been just having fun with my buddies making money.

Here are some pictures of my dog and me hunting



tommy 2
Mar 13, 2020
Your application is very well detailed, and with my current experiences with you, and if you took Gmod and Darkrp a little more seriously, I personally think you would make a good addition to the staff team. A few punctuation errors, but they aren't super noticable. Good luck!