quevis Staff Application


Nov 22, 2019
What is your in-game name?: quevis

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78243613

What is your age?: 14, 15 in 31 days.

What timezone are you located in?: Eastern Standard Time

How many warns do you have?: 3
, NLR, Racism, RDM

Tell us about yourself: Hello from New York. I don't enjoy games as much. The only game I really play is DarkRP or GTA. I wanted to try out for the staff team. I don't have anything else to do really, so most of my time goes into playing GMod. I have over 966 hours in GMod, and this server has to be the best one out of any other server. I go to school on the weekdays, although I'm doing my best trying to aim for those 90s on my report card ( which I have!) I love to achieve the most I can, and doing it the right way and pushing my self to do more if I have to! I enjoy history, and working is fun for me. I even went to volunteer with a park event to help out! I remember when I used to be a JR. Mod on a server, I've done decently well I'd say, I loved being staff. But for no reason, I was banned and I got my money stolen from me.


Dec 15, 2019

I've gotten in a few sits with you, and complaints sometimes about you, but overall, you seem to be someone that wouldn't go too far, I could be wrong though, it isn't my place to say. I'm giving you a neutral because I'm sure everyone in the staff team has had their fair share with you in terms of having sits and stuff, I'm not saying this to be personal, but rather get the general feel of how everyone would view you. I'm in the process of restraining my personality (basically redeem myself) and I feel like if you wanna actually become Staff, don't go down my path.


Dec 17, 2019
Very chill player. I dealt with many of your sits and you've proven to know the rules and guidelines very well. You remain very respectful during the sits and never been rude to people.
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