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Binds are the key to an effective and fast way of executing commands that would otherwise be time-consuming or a pain in the behind when the time comes to use it. Binds are a function that binds a key on your Keyboard, mouse or other equipment on your pc; this function will execute a command without having to type it out or scroll through a menu entirely. In this guide, you will learn how to bind something correctly, go through basic commands and some more advanced commands.


This legend will serve as a visual guide to help differentiate the text from the commands.

Command = Blue **(follow every blue letter/number exact when inputting to console)**
Normal Text = Yellow
Important notes = Red
Header = Green
Sub Header = Orange

Numpad Key Names

KP_NUMLOCK (Numberlock key)
KP_SLASH (Divide or "/" key)
KP_STAR (Asterisk/Multiply/"*" key)
KP_PLUS (Plus/"+" key)
KP_MINUS (Minus/"-" key)
KP_HOME (7 Key)
KP_END (1 Key)
KP_UPARROW (8 key)
KP_5 (5 Key)
KP_EQUALS (Equals/"=" Key)
KP_INS (0 Key)
KP_DEL (Decimal/Period/"." key)
KP_PGUP (9 Key)
KP_PGDN (3 Key)
KP_ENTER (Enter Key)

How To Bind

Binding is quite simple and you may already have a concept of how to bind keys. For those who are new or may not know how it is quite simple. Step by step this is how to properly bind a key to a command or function.

1. Press Escape
2. go to Options
3. Click "Advanced"
4. Click "Enable developer console" (Should have a check mark in the box)
5. Press the Tilde key or the "~" key (Key beside the 1 on your keyboard)
6. Type "Bind <Key> <Function>" (For example: bind x "say /event raid") Note: When typing the function

Note: you must have Quotations around the function for the command to fully read. If you are still confused the command should look EXACTLY as follows after the semicolon: bind x "say /event raid" (That's it, that's how you bind a key)


In this server, there are some binds that you could make that would save you a lot of time, or health in some cases. For example, if you are trying to raid someone and you don't want to give them the slightest hint that you may be typing /event raid in chat, you can make a basic bind. I will show some basic binds that will greatly help your server experience.

Event Binds

Event Raid (only applicable for Raid approved classes): bind x "say /event raid"
Event Counter: bind x "say /event counter"
Event Warn1/2/3: bind x "say /event warn"
Event False: bind x "say /event false"
Event Over: bind x "say /event over"
Event kidnap (Only applicable for Kidnap Approved classes): bind x "say /event kidnap"
Event Terror (Only applicable for Terror approved classes): bind x "say /event terror"
Event Psycho Terror (Only applicable for Psycho class): bind x "say /event psycho"
Event mugging:(Only applicable for Mug approved classes): bind x "say /event mug"

Note: There are more event binds, I just put the main ones you will be using during your time in NCBA. Also, feel free to replace "x" with any key you desire

Event List URL: https://forums.ncba.gg/index.php?threads/events-list-of-events.215/

Advert Binds

Advert custom message: bind x "say /advert Hello, please come to my store"

Note: There are many adverts you can bind, but make sure it is within a Roleplay format. Also, make sure not to spam the adverts; people will see your advert but don't overuse and spam the chat with the messages, you could be warned by a staff member)

Ammo Type Binds

Buy Assault Rifle Ammo: bind x "say /buyammo ar2"
Buy SMG Ammo: bind x "say /buyammo smg1"
Buy Shotgun Ammo: bind x "say /buyammo buckshot1"
Buy Sniper Rifle Ammo: bind x "say /buyammo sniperpenetratedround"
Buy Pistol Ammo: bind x "say /buyammo pistol"
Buy 357 Ammo: bind x "say /buyammo 357"
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