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  1. Uncle Pete

    Approved Uncle Petes LOA

    Name: Uncle Pete Reason for requesting LOA: Going skiing at Kimberly, BC Start Date: Feb, 18 Return Date: Feb, 21
  2. Uncle Pete

    Staff Application Ghost's (Former name - Japanese mom's) Application

    Neutral Not really sure what to think of you
  3. Uncle Pete

    Staff Application Baby Megas app

    -1 Minimal effort put into your staff app. Only seen you in game 1 time And in the tell us about yourself section you have nothing about you other than how long you played on the server.
  4. Uncle Pete

    Declined OREO4MONEY Applying for staff

    Neutral Same as Tommy, You should have some more time on this server and get to know the community more, I believe the time you have is not enough.
  5. Uncle Pete

    Staff Application Elite Cryptic's Staff Application

    1+ I have had good experiences with you. you are funny and seem friendly
  6. Uncle Pete

    Approved Uncle Pete's LOA

    Name: Uncle Pete Reason for requesting LOA: Going away to see family and go skiing Start Date: Jan, 23/24/25 (not sure when I leave but its those day's) Return Date: Jan, 26/27
  7. Uncle Pete

    Declined Staff application

    Neutral same with bandit
  8. Uncle Pete

    Declined I_BOP_YOU Staff Application

    -1 No time or effort put into the app
  9. Uncle Pete

    Declined Guys staff app

    I change to Neutral He is nice one on one but he seems mingy and is in a lot of arguments it is neutral because he is active.
  10. Uncle Pete

    Declined Ex-Staff App (ExoticSponge)

    Neutral I have talked to you once but, I don't remember anything about it. so I cannon make a decision about you.
  11. Uncle Pete

    Declined Guys staff app

    +1 Every time I have spoken to you it was nice and positive, he is also active.
  12. Uncle Pete

    Accepted Tony Bamanaboni Staff Application

    +1 Seem's pretty cool and good for late night
  13. Uncle Pete

    Accepted Backstreets Staff Application

    Neutral Never Seen you
  14. Uncle Pete

    Declined ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)'s staff app

    Neutral seen you 1 time
  15. Uncle Pete

    Accepted Staff Application for AZGamingWalker

    +1 Agree with Wax. Fun to play with
  16. Uncle Pete

    Declined WhySoSalty's Staff Application

    Neutral Same with Cannon, Ive never seen you in game.
  17. Uncle Pete

    Accepted Uncle Pete ex-staff application (Previous name: Babby slapper)

    In-Game Name: Uncle Pete Former Name: Babby Slapper SteamID: STEAM_0:0:156973587 Discord: الاسترخاء' #8308 What is your age?: I am 16 years old. What timezone are you located in?: GMT-7 What is your former rank on |-NCBA-|?: Moderator How long were you here as a Staff member?: A...
  18. Uncle Pete

    So along, I cant be staff anymore.

    I am leaving the staff team because I have school soon and I will not have much time to play on the server, I might go on every once in a while, I will miss you guys you are the best community. bye.:cry: I might re apply but im not sure. miss yall