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  1. The Swift Potato

    Art's Ex Staff-Application

    +1 What can I really say, other than that he’s a cool dude
  2. The Swift Potato

    Alex's Staff Application.

    Neutral As the others have said, I have not seen you enough to formulate an opinion on you. The application is decent, but leaves much to be desired.
  3. The Swift Potato

    Staff Application for AZGamingWalker

    +1 In my interactions with you, you've been friendly and cooperative. I feel like you would be a good choice for staff, and I hope to see you on the team soon!
  4. The Swift Potato

    Bandit's Ex-staff App

    I cannot +1 this enough Bandit has been the perfect image of what a staff helper should be, actually helping out with stuff instead of just having the rank to flex on players. He is a really cool dude and I can’t emphasize enough how much I wish this to be accepted.
  5. The Swift Potato

    Infectedtoe31's application

    +1 There’s not much to say except this application is exceptional. You give quite detailed answers and clearly put time and effort into this. In my interactions with you, you’ve been cooperative and understanding. I wish you the best of luck!
  6. The Swift Potato

    terminallyCapricious Staff Application

    +1 In my sits with you, I’ve had nothing but positive interactions. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you get accepted.
  7. The Swift Potato

    quevis Staff Application

    +1 You’re a cool player and I have no doubt that with some training, you will turn out a great staff member!
  8. The Swift Potato


    That’s not my actual discord but okay
  9. The Swift Potato

    tommy's Staff Application

    Neutral I don’t think I’ve had a single in game interaction with you so I don’t know enough about you to give a good rating. Also, where are the rest of the questions/answers?
  10. The Swift Potato

    Gensuru's Staff Application

    Neutral You’ve seemed cool in most interactions I’ve had with you, but I seem to remember that you at one point we’re pretty upset about something and said in ooc “all these staff are shit” or something along those lines. I’m not sure what caused you to lose your cool to the point of saying...
  11. The Swift Potato

    Pandas Ex-Staff Application

    +1 Was outstanding staff, hope to see you back as a wittle wittle baby t mod
  12. The Swift Potato

    The Swift Potato's Ex-Staff Application

    In-Game Name: |-NCBA-| The Swift Potato Former Name(If you changed your name, include your former one here): The Swift Potato SteamID( STEAM_0:0:91265929 What is your age?: 17 What timezone are you located in? (HAST, AKST, PST, MST, CST, EST): AKST What is your former...
  13. The Swift Potato

    Dj's Ex-Staff Application

    +1 You were a great staff member, and are a wonderful part of the community. All these people complaining about you being "toxic" really don't have any awareness of who you really are, and that's kind of disappointing for people who seem to have known you for so long. The application looks...
  14. The Swift Potato

    Archangel's Ex-Staff Application

    -1 Just to prove Larry wrong, and cause I know this won’t do shit. You’re gonna get accepted cause you’re a dope person and a hell of a staff member.
  15. The Swift Potato

    pepsi applications

    Neutral App could use a little more development. You’re a chill and down to earth person which makes me lean more in favor of a plus one, but as it currently stands, I’m going with a neutral. Best of luck to you!
  16. The Swift Potato

    Blood diamonds' Fixed Staff Application

    Just letting you know, you wrote tooter instead of tutor
  17. The Swift Potato

    DjExtrackers' Staff Application.

    +1 Very down to Earth person Well written, detailed application Is actually mature Active A few grammatical errors (lowercase I’s) Just got back into the community Some people might shout “yOu’Re BiAsEd!!” at me, but I wholeheartedly believe that you would be a good addition to the...
  18. The Swift Potato

    Michael Staff applications

    Neutral There are still some grammar errors, but you have shown initiative in fixing some of them, which demonstrates that you aren't a lazy person who gives in at the first sign of criticism. Keep up what you're doing and I'm certain myself and a few others will change their opinions and...
  19. The Swift Potato

    Get Gnomed's Staff application

    +1 you’re pretty cool on jah Good app, good dude. Hope I can train
  20. The Swift Potato

    SirZeniBeans's Application

    +1 Outstanding application. RDM section is correct and what I would expect from any new hire.