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  1. tdiep

    📜 Application 📜 Stanley 15-inch fatmax handsaw

    -1 Your application lacks many details, and shows that you aren't taking the application seriously. Put in some more effort, more detail and remove phrases such as "retarded kid," "funny drug," etc. It does seem like your application was made as a joke, but I've decided to leave my rating...
  2. tdiep

    📜 Application 📜 LilRustyXD's Staff-Application

    +1 Your application is very well detailed, and with my current experiences with you, and if you took Gmod and Darkrp a little more seriously, I personally think you would make a good addition to the staff team. A few punctuation errors, but they aren't super noticable. Good luck!
  3. tdiep

    dark mode

    dark mode pls the white is killing me
  4. tdiep

    💯 Accepted 💯 tommy's Staff Application

    +1 Your application is nice and well detailed. I enjoyed your backstory and the little Hotline Miami vibe. I don't have any personal experiences with you, or with anyone for a matter of fact, but by just your application you've convinced me enough that I would enjoy co-staffing with you. Good luck!
  5. tdiep

    🍃 Farewell 🍃 I'm leaving the staff team

    You were a pretty cool guy. See you around, buddy
  6. tdiep

    ❌ Declined ❌ Staff Aplication

    At the bottom of your original post, there will be a button on the left side which says "Edit" Click there and add your updates to there.
  7. tdiep

    ❌ Declined ❌ Staff Aplication

    Edit your original post and add your changes there.
  8. tdiep

    ❌ Declined ❌ Staff Aplication

    -1 The application looks a bit rushed and can be improved if you spend more time on it. There's a lot of bolding where text should not be bold and the application needs more content. As Yoda said, the question is asking about yourself, not how much time you can spend on the server or how much...
  9. tdiep

    💯 Accepted 💯 King Terroriser's Staff-Application

    +1 I like your application, but there are a few grammar issues. If you'd like, I suggest using Grammarly to fix most, if not all of the grammar mistakes in your applications. The only ones I can really spot from a quick glance are a lack of commas where they should be. I also recommend adding...
  10. tdiep

    ❌ Declined ❌ Spence's Staff Application

    -1 Application needs more content. You can also add more colour to make it more vibrant, or to make it stand out more. I also have zero past experience with you so I cannot change my opinion off that. You can read up on how to make your application better here...
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  12. tdiep

    👋 Introduction 👋 Hello

    My name is Tommy and I built a computer just to take a break from gaming but its ok because im back now
  13. tdiep

    #Q&A Question time.

    but why
  14. tdiep

    #Q&A Question time.

    furries or traps
  15. tdiep

    💯 Accepted 💯 tdiep's Staff Application

    Thank you for the kind words and tips, will for sure be used in the future.
  16. tdiep

    💯 Accepted 💯 tdiep's Staff Application

    General Questions In-game Name: tdiep Discord Username: tdiep#4891 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:150240417 Age: 15 Timezone: PST Tell us about yourself: I've played in the NCBA community since 2017-2018 and was sad to see it go down. I really like making new friends, I enjoy problem-solving and...