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  1. Yoda

    #PollMe Yes Or No...

    Yes Or No?
  2. Yoda

    #ChangeMyMind Germans are cool Change my mind

    Germans are cool change my mind. ---------------------------------------------------------
  3. Yoda

    #Meme What all new people on the forums do.

    1. stare at what people say and do on the forums for a while. 2. make an account. 3. Do something that all new people like: make a staff app when they got 2 hours on the server, report a staff member ( and get denied), Pretend to be a Normal on the forums, go 1+ your friends staff...
  4. Yoda

    Do you think a Fantasy Darkrp Or a Fallout Darkrp Would Work?

    Darkrp has been known as a Slum-like Rp were you can do GTA like things. But what if there were varieties of darkrp? (I know people have tried this idea but it didn't catch on very well.) Fallout Darkrp: This is one would be cooler than Fantasy Darkrp because Guns, Laser Guns, NCR (new...
  5. Yoda

    #Meme BULLY_HUNTER 420

    Reporter(You) RP Name: Yoda Name(Person being reported): BULLY_HUNTER 420 What Server rules did he break?:Mass RDM,Aimbot,Having a Dumb Disguise Name, Doing Dumb Stuff, Being Larry, Exploiting a Minigun into the game (He used during purge) Steam ID(Of Player) Type "status" in console...
  6. Yoda

    📓 Community Guide 📓 Yoda's Guide To A Good Staff App.

    1. Get Good Grammar And if you desperate use 2. Get to know the people around here. Most of the people in the community are nice people (most of the time). 3. Use color. Trust me It goes a long way. 4. Don't be an Immature little 5 years old on the server or in the...
  7. Yoda

    #Meme Very Important Thing.

    Made U Click
  8. Yoda

    📓 Community Guide 📓 Ramen

    OFFICIAL NCBA HOW TO MAKE RAMEN This is Guide Video was made my Larry Himself.
  9. Yoda


    OFFICIAL MEMES TEMPLATE GUIDE 1. Make sure ur meme spicy if its not spicy u git banned. 2.No Geyh shit 3.Why are you reading this 4. seriously your wasting your time...
  10. Yoda

    #Meme When I Look at the Server Forums.

  11. Yoda

    #Meme The Holy Smite Weapon Of 2018

    There's A Weapon Strong Enough To Smite A Roast Someone Pulls On You. A Weapon So Strong That Even The Dankest Roasts Can do Anything About And So Strong That No-U does not apply.
  12. Yoda

    #Meme Ban Of Yoda

    Reporter(You) Forum and RP Name: Some Internet Justice Warrior & Internet Justice Warrior Name(Forum & RP Name of player):Yoda & Yoda. What Server rules did he break?: Exploiting. He Exploited A Weapon and Killed multiple people with it. Steam ID(Of Player) Type "status" in console...
  13. Yoda

    Yodas Spring Update (Feel free to post something about the update)

    Yoda's Guess Of New Areas In The Map that will be changed. The Areas shown in this Thread is my guess of what will be changed by Larry or however, makes the map. Some people have told me that the areas right there will expand into a new district. Sewers maybe? Expanded Housing? Donator Club...
  14. Yoda

    Is Ok If I start a Un-Official NCBA Discord

    Hi All Who Ready This. I know that the majority Of Use a App Called Discord For Gaming, Which I use too. I Don't Want to make this without Larry Permission Of Course. But I Can Prep A Server With Bots For General Use And Make Roles For The Server as Well. I Think Teamspeak Is... A Little...