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  1. Yoda

    👋 Introduction 👋 Hi

    WB, Nice to have old faces reappear.
  2. Yoda

    📜 Application 📜 Staff Aplication

    -1 The Question asked about you and who you are. Not how much time you can dedicate to the server and that you have played Gmod before. And Covid-19 Is a off topic & I dont think it should there in your app as a reason for being accepted into the staff team. Also what's with the random Bold...
  3. Yoda

    #Q&A Question time.

    NCBA Openly accepts gay people its ok scotch.
  4. Yoda

    #Q&A Question time.

    Yeah why not furries. Furries can also be traps so it can be two in one. :unsure:
  5. Yoda

    👋 Introduction 👋 Hello

    Welcome to NCBA and hope seeing you playing when the server goes live.
  6. Yoda

    #Q&A Question time.

    Thank you for your insight.
  7. Yoda

    #Q&A Question time.

    Can a man squat and piss?
  8. Yoda

    waiting for server opening, patiently.

    waiting for server opening, patiently.
  9. Yoda

    #PollMe Yes Or No...

    Yes Or No?
  10. Yoda

    Is Ok If I start a Un-Official NCBA Discord

    Is OK If I Started a Un-Official NCBA DARKRP Server? :rolleyes::censored:🙏😎
  11. Yoda

    📓 Community Guide 📓 Tips For Making A Good Staff Application

    My True Successor. (To My Original Verison I made.)
  12. Yoda

    ❌ Declined ❌ LiLDEMONSLEEPS/The Magician!'s staff application.

    -1 Unfinished, Very Cheesy, And Filled with Grammar issues (Probably because its unfinished).
  13. Yoda

    Is Ok If I start a Un-Official NCBA Discord

    How the tables have turned.
  14. Yoda

    #PollMe Where would you rather live?

    Honestly whats the difference
  15. Yoda

    Color Scheme

    Yeah dark mode would be great, I can't stand these cum stain colors.
  16. Yoda

    ❌ Declined ❌ Chadwick's Staff App

    -1 The Grammar still is extremely lacking. All of these questions have improper grammar (All of the questions have no periods they only use commas or don't use any at all). I'd would advise revision or retry later on your application when your ready. You can take a good time rewriting your...
  17. Yoda

    💯 Accepted 💯 tdiep's Staff Application

    +1 I feel that put a good effort and time to write this Application. Good job and hopefully when the server starts we can see you as staff in the future. (As CJYaBoi Also Stated if you haven't already stay dedicated to the server and be active in the community. Staying active can help learn to...
  18. Yoda

    Revisiting NCBA

    Revisiting NCBA
  19. Yoda

    #ChangeMyMind Germans are cool Change my mind

    But what about the other german reichs? (Holy Roman Empire and WWI germany)