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  1. Scotch

    📜 Application 📜 Spence's Staff Application

    My negative opinion is more so because of your application.
  2. Scotch

    👋 Introduction 👋 Hi

    Hello, And welcome back. It'll be nice to have you.
  3. Scotch

    📜 Application 📜 Spence's Staff Application

    -1 This application is very bare-bones, And the experiences I had with you in 2018 weren't good at all.
  4. Scotch

    📜 Application 📜 King Terroriser's Staff-Application

    1+ I haven't had any personal experiences with you that come to mind, but from what I've heard you were a good staff member. This application is also decent. And looks and sounds like work was put into it.
  5. Scotch

    📜 Application 📜 JJD’s Cool Application

    Neutral This application is really frivolous in my opinion. From the interactions I've had with you over the year or two I've known you, none have them have been negative experiences. But then again, This application is really short and not a lot of work was put into it.
  6. Scotch

    📜 Application 📜 Staff Aplication

    -1 You didn't include your steam 32 ID. You really haven't been around very much lately, I saw you inside the discord for about an hour the other day after the drama with Lucent. I would really like to see you around the community more.
  7. Scotch

    #Q&A Question time.

  8. Scotch

    #Q&A Question time.

    Because their just dudes in fursuits. And I'd rather be gay then someone that is sexually attracted to dogs, And horses.
  9. Scotch

    #Q&A Question time.

  10. Scotch

    #Q&A Question time.

    You've gathered false information, I eat pizza while playing ModernWarefare BR to enhance my skills, Just ask Harvey for undeniable proof.
  11. Scotch

    #Q&A Question time.

    Yeah, I'm sure of it, For thousands of years since the days of homoerectus. The humans as a species have been squatting and dropping their fecal matter. I don't really believe men squatted, Men can pee standing up.
  12. Scotch

    #Q&A Question time.

    Go ahead and sit criss cross apple sauce, And ask one of those itching questions.
  13. Scotch

    #Meme Jackelmate starter pack.

  14. Scotch

    #PollMe Yes Or No...

  15. Scotch

    Is Ok If I start a Un-Official NCBA Discord

    is Ok If I start a Un-Official NCBA teamspeak?
  16. Scotch

    #PollMe Where would you rather live?

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  18. Scotch

    ❌ Declined ❌ LiLDEMONSLEEPS/The Magician!'s staff application.

    -1 You should have waited until you were finished writing your application, before submitting it. This application is very cheap, Flooded with grammatical errors. I haven't really seen you active at all in discord in the past week.
  19. Scotch

    👋 Introduction 👋 Hello!

    Hello Evan.
  20. Scotch

    ❌ Declined ❌ Obscenes staff application

    +1 Knowing you for almost three years now, (With a lot of breaks from you in between lol) I definitely know your heart loans a sense of community, Sort of something to mine. I know you're a genuine person and have a shit ton of Staff related experience. So that's why I'm ultimately plusing your...