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  1. Chonk

    Farewell Chonks Resignation

    Hey y’all, i’m resigning. I just don’t find darkrp fun anymore, it’s not the server it’s just the game mode it’s the same thing... there are a couple things that whitehammer said that I agree with, not gonna list them but I’m not planning on returning to the server but I’ll stay on the discord...
  2. Chonk

    Farewell King Wiggler's, Bepsi's, and Whitehammer's Resignation

    oof... that’s a real roast, it will be sad seeing everyone one go though I agree
  3. Chonk

    Farewell King Wiggler's, Bepsi's, and Whitehammer's Resignation

    I’ll miss y’all, you guys were a big help in the community and as friends. I think it’s a bit ridiculous how everyone is complaining and I’m not calling anyone out or saying anything but this is a community, not a tribe of boosted ape brain monkeys. But it will be sad seeing you guys go.
  4. Chonk

    Declined Staff Application

    -1 I have never seen you on the server, other than that whitehammer said it all.
  5. Chonk

    Approved Chonks LOA

    Name: Chonk Reason for requesting LOA: Camping Trip Start Date: October 18 2019 Return Date: October 23 2019
  6. Chonk

    Declined MidnightStrafe's Ex-Staff Application

    +1 Everything I was going to say has been said.
  7. Chonk

    Accepted Dj's Ex-Staff Application

    +1 DJ is an excellent player who follows most of the rules, is nice to other players and staff and doesn’t give us a hard time. I haven’t heard anything about him being toxic or mingy. And for the time that you’ve been on you’ve been helpful to the staff members in sits.
  8. Chonk

    Declined Staff Application

    -1 I have rarely ever seen you on, only twice I can call correctly I think. You also advertised it to me during a sit. I also agree with what DJ Said. I have video evidence if needed by any staff.
  9. Chonk

    Declined ForTox's Staff App Remake

    Neutral Fortox is extremely easy to get along with. Hasn’t started arguments with other players and is truthful in all the sits I’ve been in with him. He generally follows almost all the rules, not all but most of them. For your application I see multiple grammatical errors the letter “U” for...
  10. Chonk

    Nexo’s Discord Ban Appeal

    +1 I completely agree with caterpillar, this seems like a misuse of the rules. This seems more like a personal issue, but it’s also not due to the fact that you posted it in the discord. But I still feel he should be unbanned.
  11. Chonk

    Accepted Chonk Staff App

    Thanks wiggler, I won’t lie I do sometimes lose my temper when stressed and can get impatient or annoyed and just let it go on others. Something I need to work on personally.
  12. Chonk

    Accepted Chonk Staff App

    Thanks, I cannot deny that I do mess around a lot, most of it is just killing friends or messing around but I try to keep it away from other non-involved players. Not looking for an excuse just hoping to clear things up
  13. Chonk

    Accepted Chonk Staff App

    Information About You- What is your in-game name?: Chonk SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:155627024 What is your age?: 16 What timezone are you located in? (HAST, AKST, PST, MST, CST, EST): EST How many warns do you have? If you have warnings, please list them. Include any that are...