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  1. The Swift Potato

    Swift's Custom job

    Job Name(Name you would like for the job): Simple Gamer Description(Your job description): Beware: OwO's at random Job color(Name color in chat and Tab-Menu): #0000d9 Weapons to be Added: None. Player models:
  2. The Swift Potato

    Introduction Yo

    I’m back baby
  3. The Swift Potato

    Accepted The Swift Potato's Ex-Staff Application

    In-Game Name: |-NCBA-| The Swift Potato Former Name(If you changed your name, include your former one here): The Swift Potato SteamID( STEAM_0:0:91265929 What is your age?: 17 What timezone are you located in? (HAST, AKST, PST, MST, CST, EST): AKST What is your former...
  4. The Swift Potato

    Farewell Resigning from staff

    We out bitch
  5. The Swift Potato

    Approved Swift’s LOA

    RP Name: |-NCBA-| The Swift Potato TWM Reason for requesting LOA: Work and school have been getting harder and harder on me, and even when I have an hour or so to spare, I find that it takes a lot of effort to make myself get on the server. I guess after the hundreds of hours I’ve spent on the...
  6. The Swift Potato

    Accepted The Swift Potato's NEW AND IMPROVED Staff Application

    What is your in-game name?: |-NCBA-| The Swift Potato SteamID: STEAM_0:0:91265929 How old are you?: 16 What timezone are you located in? (HAST, AKST, PST, MST, CST, EST): Alaska Standard Time How many warns do you have? If you have warnings, please list them. Include any that are...
  7. The Swift Potato

    Solved A few mass RDMers

    Your RP name: |-NCBA-| The Swift Potato RP name/Steam ID (type "status" in console) of the offender:Jimmy Chang- STEAM_0:1:53958104 Sir Joseph Mcloves- STEAM_0:0:25113593 RyGuy- STEAM_0:0:84854246 Artist Formally Known As Retard- STEAM_0:0:143100428 Num Nums- STEAM_0:1:437331303 What server...
  8. The Swift Potato

    #RoastMe Been gone for ages roast me fags

  9. The Swift Potato

    Rant Message to all furries

    There is a question I see time and time again from furries. "Why do you hate us so much?". They point out all the other shit that gets posted on the internet and they can't understand why, of all the shitting dicknipples, dead cats and tubgirls, they're the most hated thing on the internet...
  10. The Swift Potato

    #Meme h

  11. The Swift Potato

    Community Guide how 2 b skinny

    step 1: consider you have skin step 2: congratulations you are now skinny
  12. The Swift Potato

    #Meme Cyka

    My name is Artour Babaevsky. I grow up in smal farm to have make potatos. Father say "Artour, potato harvest is bad. Need you to have play professional Doto in Amerikanski for make money for head-scarf for babushka."I bring honor to komrade and babushka. Sorry for is not have English. Please no...
  13. The Swift Potato

    #PollMe I need to know your guys’s opinions

    Sample text
  14. The Swift Potato

    #PollMe DDLC

    sample text
  15. The Swift Potato

    Data = big

    The amount of all possible audio that could be stored on a 5m audio drive is a very large number. Estimates of how many hydrogen atoms are in our universe are a number that is 80 digits long, and that is already astronomically huge, beyond human comprehension. But 2^211,000,000, the number of...
  16. The Swift Potato

    Community Guide How to be a Non-Toxic Crayon

    How to be a Non-Toxic Crayon I've seen so many people on many DarkRP servers, and just games, in general, being very toxic. I just wanted to explain some things so know how to NOT be toxic. 1. Just because you spend money on a game doesn't make you better than other players. I've seen so many...
  17. The Swift Potato

    Doki Doki Literature club

    I think I may have an obsession with this game. The soundtrack is so good and the story (at least some of the less disturbing parts) so amazing. I probably have an addiction, I've been thinking about it all day and humming the soundtrack and wishing school would be over faster so I can go home...
  18. The Swift Potato

    Might be gone for a day or two

    So my dog is pretty old, and it’s getting close to that time, and obviously I’m pretty sad, so don’t expect too much activity for a day or so Too emotional to write more right now
  19. The Swift Potato

    Accepted The Swift Potato's Ex-Staff Application

    It's been a while since I've made one of these. Lets see how rusty I am... In-Game Name: The Swift Potato Steam Name: |-NCBA-| The Swift Potato (changing it to this when I get home, currently writing this in English class. Former Name(Name you went by when you were staff): |-NCBA-| The...