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  1. Slav Master

    #AMA r/AMA

    I am a retired Redditor. Ask me anything
  2. Slav Master

    #AMA Serious Post Don't Be A Boomer

    Ask me something, anything that isn't extremely ridiculous or dense in nature.
  3. Slav Master

    Rust Guideline Suggestions.

    While I do think that there are many good guidelines that have been introduced to the Rust server, I also am very strongly supportive of changing and removing a small amount of these "General Guidelines". For example, I believe that Racism and Toxicity should NOT be tolerated in the chat, as it...
  4. Slav Master

    Other Tales O' Thee' Dead Server.

    Once upon a moon ago, across the land wide and vast. A sea full O' bastards and the most beautiful lass. The land Of a server, data to always be massed. But one gloomy evenin' As the shanties proclaim. A moment of silence, on these already darkened days. The sky as black as ye pirates heart...
  5. Slav Master

    Farewell My Official Farewell to NCBA

    Hello fellow members and staff of NCBA, I believe that it is time that I say my final goodbye as a staff member to NCBA. I am coming to that age where I want to do something with my life to better my family and my future. I am starting to finally do good in school and college and I am one of...
  6. Slav Master

    Upcoming absence of mine.

    Hello NCBA members and staff, For those of you who may not know, my activity has been declining recently and I feel like I should inform you all of what is going on. I am currently in my last year of Highschool and also enrolled in 2 College courses; Criminology and Aboriculture. As great as...
  7. Slav Master

    Slav's CC

    Job Name(Name you would like for the job): Android XVJ-A12 Description(Your job description): Scare the human population into following your Ideologies Job color(Name color in chat and Tab-Menu): 255, 93, 0 Weapons to be Added: Kak PDW Browning 5 Shotgun Dragunov SVU PKM HK-416...
  8. Slav Master

    BMC vs Slav Master

  9. Slav Master

    #Meme I am a divine being apparently.

    Credit: Pewdiepie Credit: @Acoustic
  10. Slav Master

    #Meme Scotch.exe - The Sequel!

  11. Slav Master

    #Meme When Kids have a $0.50 booter.

    Backstory: This Monkey alias thought it would be a good Idea to break NLR and try to RDM me. So in the video, I said "What are you gonna do about it? You keep breaking NLR" to which he responded saying he could DDOS me. The overall theme of this story is that their parents need to teach kids...
  12. Slav Master

    #Meme Scotch.exe has crashed

  13. Slav Master

    Rant -1 Not enough color.

    Nobody gives a shit about the color you put on your application, and it's not a valid reason for a -1 or +1. Color does not determine their application detail or worth, it only shows us that they know how to highlight their text and click the color button... SMH my head...
  14. Slav Master

    Introduction Slav Master's Introduction.

    I am staff on NCBA, Larry likes to bully me and make me the Canadian meme of the server.
  15. Slav Master

    Community Guide Proper and Helpful Binds Guide

    Introduction Binds are the key to an effective and fast way of executing commands that would otherwise be time-consuming or a pain in the behind when the time comes to use it. Binds are a function that binds a key on your Keyboard, mouse or other equipment on your pc; this function will execute...
  16. Slav Master

    Rant Uriel has Shitternet

  17. Slav Master

    Accepted Slav Master's Ex-Staff Application.

    \\\Attention!\\\ Before I get into making this application, I feel like I should address the whole inactivity part to my prior re-application so hear me out. I was once again a staff member; a Moderator since my last rank and I was getting started when I all the sudden disappeared. The reason...
  18. Slav Master

    My musical endeavors.

    I have been getting into digital EDM production and really have nothing to do with it after I am done with it so I thought I would put it here, this one is my favourite so far so please lemme know what you think.
  19. Slav Master

    Accepted Slav's Ex-Staff Application

    In-Game Name: Artyom Silenov Steam Name: Artyom Former Name(Name you went by when you were staff): Slav Master Steam ID ( STEAM_0:1:224587285 What was your past rank on |-NCBA-|?: Senior Administrator / Assistant Manager (Hl2RP) Why are you deciding to...