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    #Meme well

    i'm sorry
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    #Meme 2020

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    #Meme ok what is that

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    #Meme vibe chek

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    Mic Problem

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this (let me know if it isn't and I'll move it to the correct area), but I've been having a problem with my mic on both the DarkRP and Discord server at times. It happens here and there, but sometimes works, and it leaves me no choice but to keep...
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    Other tart pop

    (and yes, pop tart pics only)
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    #PollMe Best Weapons From The Store?

    I wanted to do this poll since I’m trying to find a good weapon to buy on the store.
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    #PhotoshopThis Have at it lads

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    Community Guide how 2 bee c00l

    congratulations, you are now as cool as a cuCUMber. enjoy. please like and subscribe, i am an alone guy. ):
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    Nexo’s Discord Ban Appeal

    Discord Name: Nexo Discord ID(USERNAME#0000): Nexo#4215 Which staff member banned you?: Larry (I’m pretty sure it was him, could’ve been another higher up, but probably Larry). What was the given reason for and duration of your ban?: Malicious Behavior & Permanent Ban Is there any...
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    #PollMe Finals

    Can’t decide. Have fun
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    #Meme Flush

    Nobody: Nexo at Staff Meetings:
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    #Q&A Nexo's Q&A

    Haven't done one of these in a while, so I thought I'd start up another one. Ask away anything you'd like about me to answer!
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    #Meme Nitro Type

    If you're looking for a way to help improve your skills of typing on a keyboard, or just want to play a fun game while you're bored in school, then try this game called Nitro Type. Have fun. Also if you would like to, add me as a friend on there: Nexo927
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    #Meme NCBA Kahoot

    Hello everyone! I have recently made a Kahoot revolving around our beloved community of NCBA. Most of the questions are about the history of NCBA and some little jokes in there as well. I will be hosting a round or two of this Kahoot this upcoming Sunday evening (March 10th, 2019). I will post a...
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    #ChangeMyMind Cheerleading isn't a sport

    This'll be fun to watch...
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    Community Guide Tips For Making A Good Staff Application

    Every week, a few people in the community will send out a Staff Application on the forums in hopes of having it get Accepted. However, there are quite a few people that receive the opposite news, which is getting Declined. To help your chances of preventing your app from looking like doodoo...
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    Roasting TrashMan

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    #PollMe NCBA or NBCA?

    The choice is yours, choose wisely...
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    NCBA Personal Survey

    Hello! I've decided to make a small survey on Google Forms related to NCBA as a little project on the side! Please don't take this offensively at all, I just wanna see what some members of the community think when answering each question. The link is below. Enjoy...