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    Lonely's words of Wisdom

    -1 Didn't use Staff Template. Wait a Second how did i get back here?
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    Farewell bye

    bye... i might come back but sense zombie rp is dead i'm just gonna go. Been fun playing darkrp but its boring now. also last thing i gotta say is see ya losers (besides to the staff because thats staff diss)
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    Farewell Actually getting a life!

    bye had some fun times on darkrp.
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    #ChangeMyMind Germans are cool Change my mind

    But what about the other german reichs? (Holy Roman Empire and WWI germany)
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    #ChangeMyMind Germans are cool Change my mind

    "but not all germans were nazi's"
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    #ChangeMyMind Germans are cool Change my mind

    Germans are cool change my mind. ---------------------------------------------------------
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    Declined Grandma Bans' Staff-Application

    1- I can understand 1 or 2 warns but 6 plus 4 are still active and you got all these in under 65 Hours! This clearly shows that you got a lot of work to do to prove your worth that your a mature and rule following person.
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    Declined Thatcher's Staff Application

    0 Dis Boi Summed it up.
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    Accepted Diablo Staff app

    1+ Apps Grammar is good, The Dark Red color makes it a little hard to read but it can be ignored, He's Mature enough in my opinion, hasn't played a lot with diablo but others like him so i will take that as a good sign.
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    Accepted Uncle Papa's Ex-Staff Application 2.0

    1+ As Bland As this meme. ( I was only using this is get the reader to understand the evil horrors of a stale meme and to get my point.)
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    Accepted Hustler's Staff Application

    1- we don't care if you can aim in CSGO with your "Kill montage" all we need is staff, The Display is Ok..., I Dont think you're worthy of staff, You're still new to the community, Your Somewhat of a Minge and is somewhat rude.
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    Declined Staff Application

    1- Everything Papa said and you never improved it.