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    The Swift Potato's Ex-Staff Application

    +1 Simon says this application is good! Aside from the joke this application looks really good not to mention the player is almost always active on the discord and server and they always act well on the server. Only thing I have to say that is negative is that when you were staff last time you...
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    Redgers Staff application

    +1 The player has shown good effort on the application which can be somewhat of a rare sight on the forums. In game the player acts really well and also shows good knowledge of the rules and acts well with staff and other players. I hope to see you on the staff team soon. Good Luck!
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    Staff Application:PuffWuff

    Neutral I have never seen the player in game so I have no opinion on the player.
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    Dj's Ex-Staff Application

    NEUTRAL Hey Dj its been a while of seeing you. I do see you around more often recently. I believe it for the most part that you are fine to come back there are just a single problem I have noticed. First thing is your attitude towards other players you seem to have a anger problem towards other...
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    Cooki3z Ex-Staff Application

    NEUTRAL Player is generally a good person and past experience is almost always welcome. However as Larry said you do have a tendency to pop up then leave for a good while like me which is a unhealthy habit that needs to be fixed if you expect to be good staff. Other than that just up your...
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    Chonk Staff App

    NEUTRAL Application looks good and some of your behavior is good. However I notice quite a few times you get angry and impatient with people and staff and would also become what is called "Toxic" so I can't give you a +1 until you prove to me you are more mature. Anyways though, Good Luck!
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    Staff Application: DogeJonkins

    NEUTRAL No opinion as I have not interacted with the player.
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    Trash Man's/King Wiggler's Ex-Staff Application

    Hey so I just want to point some things out. One thing I believe is that I wasn't super inactive I was on LOA even though people didn't bring it up. Another thing is that I really wouldn't fight with other staff if you have anytimes I did feel free to let me know. And yes I did mess with other...
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    Trash Man's/King Wiggler's Ex-Staff Application

    I promise to bring more activity to the table when the server is back up. Thanks for the reply!
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    Trash Man's/King Wiggler's Ex-Staff Application

    Kinda rude bro, anyways thanks for replying!
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    Trash Man's/King Wiggler's Ex-Staff Application

    You already know I have to support that.
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    Whitehammer9 Staff Application

    NEUTRAL I have talked with him some more and understand I was misinformed. I would like to give my apologies and that even though you told me the truth you still have a few things to work on like activity. Anything else I have no problem with you. Good Luck!
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    Ex- Staff Application.

    NEUTRAL So since you are re-applying I recommend trying to learn the rules better because as WhiteHammer said you weren't very well versed with the rules so I recommend going over them and being ready for when and if you get accepted. I also highly recommend becoming more active as you were...
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    Are titles even required? -JJD

    +1 JJD, from the time I was staffing with you and from what I know you as staff you were and still are genuinely good staff being both active in the community and server and making the community thrive both keeping troublemakers out and helping new players. I believe it would be good for you to...
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    Trash Man's/King Wiggler's Ex-Staff Application

    In-Game Name: King Wiggler Former Name(If you changed your name, include your former one here): The Trash Man SteamID( STEAM_0:1:85678223 What is your former rank on |-NCBA-|?: Highest: Administrator. Most Recent: Moderator How long were you here as a Staff member?: 10...