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    📜 Application 📜 Spence's Staff Application

    -1 I don’t remember you from 2018, so I can’t speak much to your character. Your application is rather lacking on giving insight as to who you are and what your intentions/goals are if you were to become staff. I’d revise it and then I’ll look over it again. None the less, Good luck.
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    📜 Application 📜 King Terroriser's Staff-Application

    That’s a joke. Trello was semi-serious. Chef was a greasy mofo as were many of us.
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    📜 Application 📜 King Terroriser's Staff-Application

    +1 Great person to play with and work with on the staff team. I could always count on him to pick up where I left off if something happened, or simply to play with. He followed rules, had a great sense of humor, and would make a fine addition back on the team. Hope to see you there, JJ
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    📜 Application 📜 JJD’s Cool Application

    Funny enough, I have some of that info in my bio. Thank you for suggesting to add some of those, I hadn’t even thought of them.
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    📜 Application 📜 JJD’s Cool Application

    Alright. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve wrote one of these. The answers have been corrected and hope you can overlook the original, more joking, tone. Thanks y’all,
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    📜 Application 📜 JJD’s Cool Application

    In-game Name: JJD Discord Username: JJD#1234 SteamID32: 175811121 Age: 17 Timezone: PST (In October, that will be EST). Tell us about yourself: Some of y’all already know me. For those who don’t, I’m Jaxon. I enjoy video games and technology. I’m currently in pseudo-college (highschool...
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    👋 Introduction 👋 Hi

    I recognize like three people still present, the rest are unfamiliar faces. If you don’t know me, that’s fine; Just know that I was literally the best staff to ever exist. Drop by and say hi sometime, it’s been a while. -JJ
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    🧰 Fix Application 🧰 Staff Aplication

    -1 Your steam32 ID is correct, just delete everything except the numbers present. Besides that, your application does not speak much to your character. It is bland and rather vague for the majority, only demonstrating that you enjoy NCBA. No true personality defining traits are listed nor do...
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    Bandit's Ex-staff App

    +1 I guess you’ve been around a while and are cool but only a little
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    terminallyCapricious Staff Application

    You act like a pretty good vibe when I’ve been around you +1 Too lazy to format on mobile
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    Gensuru's Staff Application

    Okay then? If it wasn’t already assumed, I’m a -1 on this app. Telling a TAdmin what to do doesn’t come across as a friendly person to me, and I surely wouldn’t want one of my TMods acting or saying things like that, even joking.
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    Gensuru's Staff Application

    Many times, it doesn’t matter what the context of the situation was. If you said something that shouldn’t have been said, or something that was less than acceptable, you are accountable if someone heard it. Whether or not they know the context. Also, keep in mind you are in no way the gatekeeper...
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    Pandas Ex-Staff Application

    I want to demote swift too
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    Pandas Ex-Staff Application

    What can I say except
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    Shooter/Clexic's | Staff Application |

    +1 I like this guy he just kinda vibes in the server and does good things sometimes but also does bad things, so just don’t do bad things and continue vibing